All natural, chemical/paraben free and filled with more essential oils than I can count, is what gives Village Barber Aftershave Balm my seal of approval!...What I find so great about this Oil is that even with all these natural ingredients, it still maintains the perfect balance of not too thick and not too watery, not to mention a nice fragrance...

Craig Whitely is a widely respected male grooming expert & professional barber based in Los Angeles, USA and is the CEO of themensroom.com

Craig Whitely

@craigthebarber & CEO of Themensroom.com

Having tried various shaving oils and elixirs from across the globe, I can without any hesitation recommend the Village Barber Shaving Oil and Balm as the best out there. The Oil provides an extremely smooth shave with no irritation while keeping the skin moisturized, and the balm adds that extra luxury of moisture and healing properties that finishes the shave like no other. If you haven't already, try these products now, you won't be disappointed!

Aaron Wolfenbarger is widely regarded as a shaving expert. He currently writes for MaleStandard.com, Shavingshack.co.uk, plus numerous online shaving forums including badgerandblade, theshaveden, shavemyface & simplyshaving.

Aaron Wolfenbarger


I admit it, I am a shaving snob. I want to not only enjoy my shaves but also make them good for me and my skin, so I choose the products I use carefully. In my position I get to evaluate a lot of products, but very few actually get into my regular routine. Village Barber Aftershave Balm is one of those few products. I find it strikes a careful balance of moisturizing without being greasy and soothing without feeling artificially cool. It also has a mild, pleasant scent. I need to use very little of it at a time--just a few drops--so it also happens to be a great value for me. I heartily recommend Village Barber Aftershave Balm!

Mark Herro is the famous face behind the multitude of shaving videos he has had produced which have proved both educational and amusingly put together. He is also a major part of the widely acclaimed sharpologist on-line male grooming magazine.

Mark Herro

aka @Mantic59

In my humble opinion, Village Barber Shaving Oil is the best I've ever used in the shaving oil category. The Balm is right up there with the best I've used as well.

Joseph Abbatangelo

CEO Italianbarber.com

I love this balm! This is my second order and gifting one bottle to my brother to try.

Andrew C.

Ian the oil is brilliant! It smells great, it is non-greasy, it leaves your skin feeling supple, it gives a really smooth shave and it is perfect for travel - no brush etc needed. Also it means that I do not have to waste time lathering up during the week when I have to get ready for my long commute to work. I wish I'd bought your oil before I bought any of the other luxury crèmes I have used as this is all I need. FANTASTIC!!

I converted to double edge shaving from the Mach 3 cartridges in January this year. I had previously used all of the canned shaving gel products (Gillette etc) and also Truefitt and Hill and Trumpers Shaving Cremes using a proper good quality Badger Hair Shaving Brush. I have tried Taylors of Old Bond Street and Proraso crèmes, Dove Shaving Crème and the King of Shaves Supergel amongst various others.

I came across the Village Barber Shave Oil by chance on the internet and was swayed into buying it by Ian’s video on the Village Barber Website. I bought it in January and have used it as my ‘Go To’ Pre shave since then. I have also intermittently used all of the above named products by way of a comparison. I have used a variety of blades and good quality razors (Edwin Jagger, Gillette vintage adjustables, Merkur Mergress etc). I have improved my technique enough now to be able to give a credible review of this product. This is only my opinion as everyone’s skin and technique differs.

The Village barber Shave Oil for me is the best shaving product I have used by a country mile. I have been using in very regularly since January and I have only used just over half of the bottle. It is not cheap, but in my opinion it is worth every penny. You only need two drops of the oil and you can make three passes and as many touch ups as you like with ease and confidence. I have told some of my friends about it and they have said ‘But I enjoy the brush and crème routine’. They imply that using this product cannot be enjoyable; it is! It smells great, giving a subtle aroma (I can’t quite describe it, but there is a light citrus and herbal fragrance that whisks you away to Tuscany or a warm day on the Mediterranean). The oil is easy to apply and feels smooth and warm on your face, it is not over oily. I have read some comments elsewhere that say ‘it makes your hands oily!’ Of course it does… it is oil! But to say that is nit picking; it makes you hands slightly oily, simply rub your hands on your towel and that is all you need to do. It doesn’t mark or blemish the towel and seems to disappear without a trace. It doesn’t cover your razor in soap scum, like most other products and leaves no mess whatsoever in the sink - it leaves no trace. You will discover a bit of oily goo on your blade, if you open your razor. Simply rinse and wipe it off – job done – simple, it is a lot easier than cleaning soap scum off your razor.

The shave is the best I have managed to achieve and knocks spots off any other product that I have used. With patience, I can now get an irritation free BBS shave every time. It makes shaving easy because you can see exactly where you are shaving and when you need to make another pass, simply just wet your face again – no need to reapply. I do not enjoy using the other products anywhere near as much as this oil and it feels just as luxurious as any of the ‘luxury’ crèmes I have tried. It also leaves my skin less tight and more nourished than any other product. I normally follow up with an alu block and Proraso anti-razor burn lotion; both of which work well and sting before calming my face down. I now hardly get any sting from either when I use this oil, but I do with all of the other products. My skin feels great afterwards and as the scent of the oil is subtle, it doesn’t linger so you can put on any fragrance afterwards without conflict. I would suggest you will still need a balm or similar afterwards though and Village Barber also do a balm, which I have not yet tried, but intend to.

To summarise; in my opinion this is the best shaving product I have used. It works well with every blade and every razor I have tried and I really look forward to using it on a daily basis. It smells great, it feels luxurious and leaves your face feeling smooth and nourished. It is also great being whisked away to the Mediterranean every morning! As soon as I get to the last bit of the bottle (Probably another couple of months!) I will definitely be ordering another bottle. I am also so impressed that I will take a punt on the Village Barber Balm as well.

Out of 5 Stars I would give Village Barber Shave Oil Ten!

Mac McFadden


I am delighted with your Aftershave Balm, which I ordered several months ago, shortly after transitioning from cartridges to DE shaving. I've tried myriad balms and related post-shave formulas, but I find myself going back to yours frequently, particularly when I experience any irritation/redness after a shave. It adds tremendous moisture without feeling greasy, and I really love the scent, plus I usually experience rapid healing. Thank you for the time and effort you put into developing this winning product - your dedication and experience show in the results.

Todd R.

Kentfield, CA, USA

I have had good experiences using Village Barber Oil and Balm. I have used the Oil on its own - where it does a fine job of cushioning the razor - and primarily together with soaps, as I love the ritual and feeling of lathering up my face. I have tried a few aftershave balms but now use the Village Barbers. Leaving the job of smelling good to a cologne - and not putting perfume directly onto the freshly shaved skin - feels good, and I have noticed how Village Barber Aftershave Balm seems to feed my skin better than other aftershaves.
I can also recommend taking the time to visit Iain's cozy little shop in Langley Park, where being shaved turns into an experience of pleasure - both my dad and I were shaved there on our last visit to the UK, and I will definitely try to pop by again whenever business or pleasure brings me near Durham.



Mr. Kane, I received the package today. Btw- I love your products! I have tried many different shave creams thinking that there has to be one that would work better than an oil but I am convinced, for my skin, that your shave oil cannot be topped. Same is true for the aftershave, never had better.

David Dinsmore


At last a product that really works! No, I mean really. After trying numerous others, including the “designer” brands so called solutions, along comes your oil and balm. No more patchwork quilt face after a shave. For the sake of guys like me with shaving problems (although not any more) keep these products coming.



Iain, I love the shaving experience with your shaving oil! (A review has been posted on the sharpologist.com website).

Gary K

Ohio, USA

Hi Iain, Thanks for great products and discount voucher. Fabulous shave, you were right! I have tried oils before and found them to be hopeless really. I normally use an old fashioned brush and good lather but this is a whole new experience. Thanks again.



I can say only that your products are awesome! From the very first moment I've tried Aftershave Balm I knew that it is exactly what I've been looking for. Shaving oil also impressed me. Shaving is smooth and clean with less cuts. Thanks again!



My goodness what a difference! Best shave I have had in over 30 years thanks to Iain's advice and his excellent Shaving Oil and Aftershave Balm! When I initially watched his videos on his website I tried following them (even though I only had foam with me) and this in itself made a huge difference, I didn’t realise how lazily I was shaving! I have very tough stubble and have to shave at least daily, I’d long given up on the hope of ever getting a really smooth shave, despite using the expensive Gillette fusion blades. It takes a little longer to prepare but it is well worth putting in the effort. For the first time in over 30 years I have discovered what it is like to have a really smooth shave - and it isn’t just me that’s pleased with the result - my wife loves my stubble-free face as well! It really is well worth the little extra time to prepare and shave properly using quality products such as Village Barber. Thank you very much!

S.G. Gosport

I have suffered for over a decade with horrendous razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It was embarrassing and I had little or no confidence, I did not want my photograph taken and I was convinced people didn’t want their photograph taken with me!! I have tried many different ways to shave and to try to overcome the problem…. Looking at Iain’s website I thought I’d get in touch and ask about my shaving issues, if he had any tips and if he thought his products would be a good option for me. After a little hesitation, I’ve been caught out before when buying new products, I made my purchase. They arrived today and I used both the oil and balm for a shave. Both products have a great aroma, I can’t quite place it but it’s very pleasant. The oil went on nicely and it helped me see what I was doing. My beard just seemed to come off effortlessly. Only a few cuts on some bumps already on my neck but all in all a very comfortable shave. Then applying the balm did really make my face feel different and smooth. It’s a few hours since my shave and normally my neck would look red and angry. Now it doesn’t. This is something that has never happened to me before. It looks normal. There are a few bumps that were there this morning, I wasn’t expecting them to disappear after one shave but there is no redness what so ever. Iain was very helpful in his emails, delivery was very fast and his products seem to be doing the trick. I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Iain for his time and if you are suffering like I have been give his products a try. Thanks.



I have used your products for over a week now and want to say that I have previously tried other shaving oils of high quality, and The Village Barber shaving oil is excellent. It prepares sensitive skins, like mine, for a smooth shave and finishes the shave without irritation. It does not contain too much fragrance, which is sometimes a bit annoying. The Village Barber after shave balm is the perfect complement to finalize a good shave.


Huelva, Spain